Fire & Leather

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spark up your life with fire and leather. I have been lacking with updating my blog and instagram. But I'm back now! I'm wearing this amazing Dark Moon Cult Too Hot 2 Touch Crop Top. I was looking for something killer to wear with it. Something different and unique! I recently went to the UNIF SAMPLE SALE. Honestly, the best sample sale there is. Tons of stuff, even their current season items all at a great price. I lucked out ridiculously with this skirt. IT WAS ONLY $5.00!!!! I've been eyeing the UNIF Holy Grail Skirt for a while but didn't want to spend $100 on it. This sinister maxi skirt with a sheer mesh bottom will make any girl feel like Nancy Downs from The Craft.


  1. You look amazing, love your blog. So glad you're back :)

    TERRIFACE | Fashion & Fitness blog

  2. WOW you are such a babe!! I love your style, deffo heading over to your Bloglovin' right now :)